Zuma: RSA ‘cannot grow’ linked to EU and US

South African president cites colonial ties to ailing economies and mining industry as challenges.

Jacob Zuma, South African president, has said his country’s colonial past has made it harder for him to combat the economic dowturn.

Speaking to Al Jazeera’s Stephen Cole during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Zuma said despite South Africa’s economic “when you are linked … with Europe and the United States” , it is very difficult to create economic growth.

Zuma also pointed to the mining industry, largely responsible for South Africa’s economic success, as another challenge facing his nation’s economic prospects.

“It has not modernised its labour, its workers are still people that come and go”, Zuma said of the migrant workers employed in the South African mining industry.

Zuma said the nation needed to focus on providing an income to South African citizens.

Source: Al Jazeera