Financial Cost: Eight years in Iraq

The war in Iraq has cost US taxpayers more than $800bn since the start of the 2003 invasion.

US troops soldier Iraq


Data source: US Congressional Research Service   

The war in Iraq has already cost US taxpayers more than $800bn since the 2003 invasion began.

The vast majority of that money was spent by the US Department of Defense, with the balance appropriated for the State Department and USAID programmes, as well as the treatment of casualties by the Veterans Administration.

$50bn was spent on military operations in the first year, and that amount rose steadily to nearly $140bn in 2008.

The annual cost of the war has fallen steeply since then with just over $45bn requested for this financial year.

US civilian aid expenditure peaked early in the confict with nearly $20bn committed to rebuilding the country in 2004.

Since then, the State Department has not committed more than $4bn in aid in any one year.

Source: Al Jazeera