Our Objectives

The goal of the Production Department is to commission documentaries from around the globe that explore the relationship between people and their environment. By focusing on these interactions, our Commissions will bring compelling and revealing stories to our Arabic audience.

In addition, we want to discover, support and cooperate with pioneers in the documentary industry field in order to help establish a documentary industry in parts of the world previously overlooked. Exciting and insightful, our Commissions should present a sweeping panoramic view of what matters most to our Arab audience.
What we are looking for?

We will be commissioning either hour, half-hour and filler length high end, quality productions that inform, inspire and connect Arab audiences to the world at large. We are looking for topics that explore complex issues and express original points of view.

Our viewer expects not only to be engaged and entertained but also to take something tangible away from their viewing experience. Therefore, we are looking for a well-researched topics combined with strong cinematographic storytelling.

We are particularly interested in following themes:

  1. Issues of Arab and Muslim interest, particularly those which reflect the needs and concerns of lesser-known communities within the Arabic and Islamic world.
  2. Human experiences.
  3. Culture, arts and tradition.
  4. Human rights

Who is eligible to apply?

Al Jazeera Documentary Channel seeks cooperation with:

  • Production companies
  • Independent documentary producers
  • International Broadcasters

How the Proposals should be?

We require a 2-4 page proposal that clearly outlines story focus, themes,  characters and gives an indication of how you plan to tell the story.

The proposal should take into consideration the following:

  1. The story structure -  including brief synopsis, characters, format, voice and point-of-view.
  2. The production aesthetics - including visual style and other elements which will combine to give the story a distinctive quality, feel, look or tone.
  3. Production Budget. 
  4. Production Plan and Schedule

Each proposal should be accompanied by information about your creative team, production company and include a sample of previous productions.
Contact and Information

All submissions should be e-mailed to: documentary@aljazeera.net.

Or mailed/couriered to:

Al Jazeera Documentary Channel,
Attn:  Production Department,
TV Roundabout (street address),
P.O. Box: 23123
Doha, Qatar