This new launch comes six weeks after the successful launch of Al Jazeera English in the 15th November 2006. Al Jazeera Network has announced that it will launch its Documentary Channel on Monday 1 January 2007 at 3.00 pm Doha time / 12:00 pm GMT from its headquarters in Doha.

The new 24-hour Channel aims to become a leader in its field; Al Jazeera Documentary will pay particular attention to the Middle East with a special focus on the cultural diversity of its societies.

Al Jazeera Documentary aims to examine social, historical and entertainment issues. Although the channel says its media coverage will focus on the cases of Arabs and the less-fortunate societies, it will not confront Arab governments.

ALSHARQ Newspaper - January 16th, 2007
Alsharq newspaper considered the launch of Documentary channel as a big challenge in the Arab world especially as they would be championing the promotion of documentary culture in the Arabic world and beyond. Lubna Chalaan, the Editor of Alsharq said.

Al Jazeera Documentary aims to present the information from different fields of more profound manner following in the footsteps of the Al jazeera channel.

Aljazeera documentary aims to present the information in the attractive and objective manner and at the same time, wants to develop the documentary industry. This will be the first international Arab documentary channel that broadcasts from the Middle East to an Arab audience.

"Obstacles are actually a part of any media coverage. We do not wish to face obstacles. If we wanted to, we would challenge them as much as we could," said Tawfik Founi.

"Al Jazeera documentary aims also to base on the image culture and to broadcast a very interesting program as Israel from the Inside, Religious Communities and Beyond the Truth. There are other high quality programmes that come from outside such as The Secret war in Europe, World Cup Insh'allah and Exile Dreams," Ibrahim Hamdan, the Head of Programming said.

The channel seeks to introduce the Arab world and its varieties to an international audience and it hopes to present stories "truly" and "objectively".

Al Jazeera Documentary channel aims to install a documentary industry through professional techniques in the Arab world and to offer support to  the filmmakers to realize their dream.. It aims to provide viewers an immense amount of high quality documentary film. It is indispensable.

THE PENINSULA: Jazeera lines up top documentaries - January 5th, 2007

DOHA • Viewers of Al Jazeera Documentary can look forward to some interesting times as the newly-launched channel proposes to show some outstanding films for those tuning in.

In an interview, Al Jazeera Documentary's Head of Production Ahmed Al Sharqawi said on example of innovative programming is a documentary entitled Israel from the Inside, which shows life in the Jewish state.

The closely-knit Druze community, mainly found in Lebanon, is another subject which will be dealt with by Al Jazeera Documentary: "The Druze society is a closed one and the film will show elements of their life and activities, especially in Lebanon," said Ahmed.

The channel was launched on January 1, just six weeks after Al Jazeera English made its debut. Al Jazeera Documentary is a 24-hour channel like its stable-mates including the flagship Al Jazeera.

The network's Director-General Wadah Khanfar said: "Building on the spirit of Al Jazeera, the Documentary Channel will focus on under-reported stories in the region and elsewhere. It will open a new window on the human experience wherever it might be and provide another avenue for mutual understanding between peoples and cultures."

He added: "As a natural evolutionary step for the network, the Documentary Channel will extend the mission and vision of Al Jazeera and complement what we have accomplished over the last 10 years."

Programmes will focus on different aspects of human activity including political, social, cultural, scientific, environmental and historical. The channel, which broadcasts in Arabic, will also sponsor talent and work in partnership with the documentary industry and filmmakers across the world in order to develop programmes.

The channel claims that it will produce 15% of broadcast material in-house, while obtaining the rest from Arab and global producers.Cultural documentary filmmakers will be delighted to learn

ALMOTAMAR  Newspaper - January 2nd, 2007. (www.almotamar.net)

The Documentary Channel aims to produce exclusive programmes, whether by in-house production units through co-ordination with the other Al Jazeera channels, or in co-operation with freelance producers, who have current contracts with Al Jazeera to cover Africa and Asia.

The Documentary Channel has inaugurated it's broadcasting by local program called The Impact of the Photography.

For the production percentage, Mr Toufik Founi said: "The reality is that any channel in the world can achieve 100% local production, but we still aim to produce 10% and we buy the rest that suits our editorial line."
The establishment of the documentary channel is based on the interest in man, his environment and the interaction between them.

ISLAM ONLINE - January 1 2007 (www.islamonline.net

Ten years after the launch of the 24-hour Arabic news channel, Qatar-based Al Jazeera Network has put on air a documentary channel from January 1, 2007.

The channel will feature a wide range of documentary films that will analyse and  cove political, historical, scientific, artistic and tourist issues in the Arab world, Africa, the Caucasus and Asia.

The new channel contains editing unities, broadcasting service and library with 70  employees working in the different  departments.

As for the feedback of the audience Mr Founi said that all opinions will be gathered from Aljazeera.net or through the courier or telephone. "I think that this channel will be a profitable addition to Aljazeera network." Founi said.

Al-Jazeera launches Arabic documentary channel - January 2nd, 2007 (www.cbc.ca)

The Qatar-based Al-Jazeera network began broadcasting a 24-hour Arabic documentary channel on Monday.

The launch comes 10 years after the ambitious network, backed by the emirate of Qatar, began its Arabic all-news channel, a move that radically altered news coverage in the Arab world.

Al-Jazeera says its new channel is the first Arabic all-documentary channel broadcast in the Middle East.

It plans to work with other networks and independent filmmakers to create a range of documentaries on artistic, social and political themes.

"We will look at stories that are distorted or ignored by the Western media on the grounds that they are marginal and insignificant from a Western standpoint, even though these issues are a priority for Arabs and Muslims," Tawfiq Founi, director of Al-Jazeera Documentary Channel, said in an article on the Al-Jazeera website.

The channel plans to cover issues in the Arab world, Africa and Asia, including many countries that are poorly covered by Western media, he said.

He said the channel hopes to present stories "truly" and "objectively," but admits it is unlikely to challenge Arab governments.

"We do not want to reveal information on regimes …. We want to present the rich Arab situation. We are a documentary channel that seeks to fill educational gaps," Founi said.
"Obstacles will always be there; this is the nature of journalism."

The Al-Jazeera news network's freewheeling ways have overshadowed state-run TV stations across much of the Arab world and encouraged development of more private- sector media alternatives, but the network has been dismissed in the West as a mouthpiece for terrorists.

Al-Jazeera launched an international news network in English in November 2006.

It also has sponsored an annual documentary film festival in Doha, Qatar's capital, for the past three years. 

The  Al-Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival is scheduled for April 23-26, 2007.

LE MONDE: Al Jazeera Network launches new documentary channel - December 26th, 2006 (www.lemonde.fr)

Six weeks after having launched it's English news channel Al Jazeera English, to compete with Western international news channels like CNN and BBC World, the Qatari network Al Jazeera announced on Sunday, December 24th, the launch of a new channel of documentaries, which will start on January 1st at 12:00 hours GMT (1300 Hours in Paris).

In a press release, the Al Jazeera Satellite Network indicated it's ambition to promote "the documentary culturein the Arab World and in the countries of the South in general". According to the release, Al Jazeera Documentary will pay "particular attentuion to the Middle East and stress the sultural diversity of its people. The broadcasts will cover "the different aspects of human activity and social, political, cultural, scientific, historic and environmental issues".

"To build on the spirit of Al Jazeera", the Documentary Channel, "will open a new window on the human experience and aims to offer other posibilities for mutual agreement between peoples and cultures," said Wadah Khanfar, director general.

This new channel will join a bouquet of channels; Al Jazeera Live, specialising in the broadcast of live events, Al Jazeera Children, developed for children with the Lagardere group, three sports channels including two pay-channels, broadcast by the Network to complement the original channel, which celebrated on November 1st, ten years of existence.

Al Jazeera, of which the Emir of Qatar holds 50% of the capital and which claims an audience of 40 million viewers every week, gained world fame due to its coverage of the war in Afghanistan in 2001 and the broadcast of videos of Osama bin Laden and the leaders of Al Qaida.

On many occaisons its outspokenness has causes crises with the oil monarchs of the Arab World who also fund television channels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


Al Jazeera Network launched its Documentary Channel at 1200 GMT on 1 January from its headquarters in Doha, Qatar. This major new launch comes just six weeks after the successful launch of Al Jazeera English.

The new 24-hour channel, which broadcasts in Arabic, aims to become a leader in its field championing the promotion of documentary culture in the Arab world and beyond.

From its unique position, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel will pay particular attention to the Middle East with a special focus on the cultural diversity of its societies.

The channel will focus on human stories and issues aiming to transcend the immediacy of news coverage. The channel’s informative and educational approach will be driven by the broader human horizon focusing on issues that are usually marginalised and ignored.

As the first service of its kind in the region, Al Jazeera Documentary will broadcast programmes on different aspects of human activity including social, political, cultural, scientific, historical, and environmental.

The channel will sponsor talent and work in partnership with the documentary industry and filmmakers across the world to develop programmes.