Community Rules and Guidelines

Before participating in discussion on our site, please familiarise yourself with the guidelines below.

What kind of comments and reVIEWs are you looking for?

We are interested in articulate, well-informed remarks that are relevant to a web article or video content that you either read on (the “Website”) or watched on Al Jazeera English (the “Channel”). We welcome your advice, your constructive criticism and your unique insights.

A few things we will not tolerate: personal attacks, obscenity, commercial promotion, vulgarity, profanity, incoherence, impersonations, and SHOUTING.

We welcome strong opinions and criticism of our work, and do not hesitate to approve critical comments. However, personal attacks against our staff or contributors will not be permitted.

You can read a complete list of Al Jazeera’s Community Rules & Guidelines posting policy here.

Why do you moderate comments?

Our goal is to provide substantive commentary for our audience. By screening submissions, we have created a space where Al Jazeera’s avid audience members can exchange intelligent and informed commentary that in turn enhances your ultimate viewing experience of the Channel and the quality of our news output.

While most comments will be posted, provided the comments are not abusive or otherwise inappropriate or unacceptable, moderating decisions are subjective. We moderate such comments as carefully and consistently as we can.

We are under no obligation to post your comment/s and we are under no obligation to explain our decision not to publish your post to you.

How do I post a comment?

Visit our “ABOUT” page for information on how to post a video or text comment. You will be asked for a display name and your location. Both of these items will be displayed publicly on the reVIEW site.

If you are writing or recording a comment, please be thoughtful, civil and articulate. In the vast majority of cases, we only accept comments in English; foreign language comments will be rejected.

If you are posting a reVIEW about something you read on the Website or watched on the Channel, what in particular did you like or dislike? Be specific; the best reVIEWs discuss not only what you liked or disliked, but provide clear, concise reasons why or why not.

Why do I have to register?

We ask you to complete the simple VideoGenie registration process to ensure that you are a “real” person and that you accept our terms and conditions.

The registration process serves to facilitate the development of our online community, and ensure that members take responsibility for their comments. For more information, please visit our Community Rules & Guidelines page.

When and where will my comment be displayed?

Since comments are moderated, they do not appear on the home page of the reVIEW site unless and until they have been approved.

Comments are typically posted faster during business hours. Moderation can be less frequent in the evening and on weekends. Comments are displayed directly on the “HOME” tab.

You acknowledge that we reserve the right to display comments in a variety of ways using social media and in promotional advertisements.

Do you edit comments?

No. Comments are either approved or rejected. We reserve the right to edit a comment that is quoted or excerpted on Al Jazeera. In those cases, we may fix spelling, grammar or punctuation to ensure precision.

What are reVIEW’s ‘Super Users’?

The reVIEW’s “Super Users” are a selection of comments we choose to highlight because we feel they represent a range of views that are judged the most interesting, insightful and thoughtful.

I found an inappropriate comment on reVIEW. What do I do?

Click the Flag icon to the right of a video comment, select the reason or reasons you believe it should be removed and submit the report. Our moderation staff will review the comment again and take any necessary action.

For text comments, you can report the problem by contacting us at:

Should I use my real name when making a comment?

Yes. Please fill in the name field with your real name in order to carry on more engaging, respectful conversations. However, we recommend against posting your full email address for security reasons.

A reminder: Once your comment is published, it can be found in search results on websites like Google and others. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy. The reVIEW is committed to protecting your personal information.

Why didn’t I get my confirmation email?

A confirmation email is sent automatically only if your submission has been approved by our moderator.

Where is my reVIEW video/text comment? I submitted it, but it didn’t show up.

We aim to publish comments sent to the reVIEW within 24 hours of receipt. Check back the next day to look for your video or text comment. If you do not see your submission after 24 hours it has been rejected.

What if I have more questions?

If you have additional questions regarding reVIEW or our commenting rules on, please contact us at

Please note: the reVIEW may update these Terms from time to time so please review this page regularly.