China oil boss sentenced for bribes

Former head of oil giant Sinopec given suspended death sentence for corruption.

    Chen Tonghai was convicted of accepting
    about $27m in bribes [EPA/File photo]


    The sentence means his punishment could be commuted to life in prison if he is deemed to have repented.

    Chen joins a string of high-level Chinese officials and heads of state industry who have been convicted of corruption.

    Chinese leaders view simmering public anger over corruption as a threat to communist rule and have launched repeated crackdowns in an effort to be seen as tough on the issue.

    Reporting on the sentence, China's state-run Xinhua news agency said Chen was granted a reprieve after he "confessed and repented, provided tips about other people's criminal acts, and returned all the bribes".

    Sinopec, also known as China Petroleum & Chemical Co., is Asia's biggest oil refiner by volume and China's second-biggest oil company after China National Petroleum Corp.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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