UAE creates largest Gulf Arab bank

Emirates Bank and National Bank of Dubai join to compete in global markets.

    Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, first announced the merger in March [AFP]

    Biggest Gulf bank
    The deal will create the biggest banking institution in the Gulf in terms of deposits, profit, assets and market capitalisation.

    "The objective of this merger is to create a strong entity that will play a major role in the banking industry"

    Ahmad Humaid Al Tayer, Emirates Bank International chairman

    Al Tayer will hold the post of board chairman of the new bank and Abdullah Mohammad Saleh, the chairman of NBD, will become deputy chairman.

    Saleh said the merger is aimed at enabling the UAE to compete in global markets and face challenges such as Free Trade agreements with the US, as well as meeting demands of the World Trade Organisation.

    The Dubai bourse suspended trading on Monday, as the merger process began.

    "Both boards are going to go back to their shareholders and discuss with them the conditions," said Essa Kazim, chairman of the Dubai Financial Market.

    "The shares will be suspended until all that information becomes public."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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