Japan puts trade sanctions on Iran

Tokyo says sanctions are needed to block Iran's nuclear development programme.

    In December, UN adopted a resolution to impose sanctions on Iran's trade of nuclear technology [EPA]

    Yasuhisa Shiozaki, the chief cabinet secretary, said: "Resolute action is needed over the Iran nuclear issue from the viewpoint of maintaining nuclear non-proliferation, and in view of the impact on the North Korean nuclear issue and peace in the Middle East."


    Shiozaki said the measures, which will take effect on Saturday, are based on a resolution adopted by the UN Security Council in December to impose sanctions on Iran's trade in nuclear materials and technology.


    The resolution demands that Iran ends all research on uranium enrichment, which can lead to the production of fuel for nuclear power plants as well as for bombs, and halt all research and development of methods of producing or delivering atomic weapons.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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