War & Conflict

My week with Trump's top general in Afghanistan

Sue Turton returns to Afghanistan to shadow US General Nicholson as he pursues the Trump administration's new counter-insurgency strategy in the war-torn country.


Anwar Ibrahim's dramatic rise and fall - and rise again

After a political journey with many gripping twists and turns, Anwar Ibrahim comes back to reclaim his spot in the Malaysian leadership.


The invisible threat next door

Police suspect prison siege claimed by ISIL in Jakarta linked to recent bombings in Surabaya.


In Mosul's Old City, fear of ISIL still looms

Anger at lack of progress to reconstruct Old City of Mosul could give rise to other armed groups after ISIL.

Human Rights

What I saw in Jerusalem

On his first visit to Jerusalem, Al Jazeera's Showkat Shafi saw how daily life is completely segregated for Israelis and Palestinians.


What the world Googles on Israel and Palestine

Using an anonymised sample of search terms starting from 2004, AJLabs wanted to find out what the world wants to know about Israel and Palestine.