US lawmakers try to stop payments to Nazis

Lawmakers in the US are trying to stop former Nazis from getting retirement benefits.


    A group of lawmakers in Washington are furious that former Nazis are getting retirement benefits and now they’re trying to stop it.

    A new bill in the US Congress called the “No Social Security for Nazis Act” passed 420-0 in the US House of Representatives this week.

    The bill is an attempt to close a loophole that allows former employees of Adolph Hitler to collect US retirement benefits as long as they renounce their US citizenship and leave the country.

    An Associated Press investigation published in October found that a handful of Nazis, including Martin Hartmann, a former SS guard at a concentration camp who left Arizona for Germany in 2007, collected benefits even after renouncing their American passports.

    The legislation must now pass the US Senate but is expected to sail through. 



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