On Tape: America's pro-Israel Settler Lobby

Is America itself is a party to the Arab-Israeli conflict?


    Anyone who wants visuals on how America itself is a party to the Arab-Israeli conflict needs to watch this incredible video

    It's produced by my friend Max Blumenthal, who is also an investigative journalist and author of a recent bestseller on the American right wing.  Max is no stranger to documenting rabid, anti-Obama speech by outspoken Israeli-Americans. Search "Feel the Hate" on Youtube for Max's earlier works and you'll see what I'm talking about.   

    Seems this time Max caught up with pro-settler Americans, braving cold rain on the Manhattan streets in an effort to spew hate toward President Obama. 

    Listen as you hear New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) bellow into the microphone, "From day one, this President proved that he was not Obama, but Barack HUSSEIN Obama."   Pretty subtle stuff.

    One emotional supporter even yells "He's a Nazi!"

    What rally would be complete without representatives from the Commonwealth of Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force?

    Kudos to Max for keeping it real with references to Jon Bon Jovi and Elie Wiesel's grandma.  Classic.



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