Quiet second day

Voting slowly picking up in remote areas of south Sudan

    After Sunday's large crowds at polling centres in Juba and other towns of Southern Sudan, things were much quieter on Monday, the second day of voting in the week-long referendum process.

    More security personnel could be seen voting after Sunday’s heavy deployment of forces to secure the town for dignitaries visiting to observe the beginning of the historic process.

    "As many people could not vote yesterday in Juba centres, there is a proposal to extend the polling by an hour till 6pm," said Abuk Nikanora Manyok, the public outreach director at the South Sudan Referendum Bureau.

    She said the decision whether or not to extend polling hours will be taken by the South Sudan Referendum Commission in Khartoum by Monday evening.

    "Women are now going from house to house to mobilise those who have not voted to go out and vote," Manyok said.

    She said voting is slowly picking up in remote areas as people have to walk long distances to reach polling centres.

    The number of people who have voted will be known only towards the end of the process, Manyok said.


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