Arts & Culture

Black creatives seek systemic changes in UK

Not enough is being done to redistribute power in the industry, say Black creatives in the UK, with some urging fellow artists to unionise.


Disappearing cultural sins

How watching an old British series full of racist tropes in Pakistan changed my perspective on whether such shows should be banned.


'It wasn't just a fever': Living with coronavirus

Airport worker Riki Permana was diagnosed in March. Now, he is struggling with the stigma associated with coronavirus.

Turkey-Syria border

What is on the agenda for the Russia-Turkey talks

Russian delegation, including its FM, arrived in Istanbul for talks on regional issues.


Britain was built on the backs, and souls, of slaves

The UK owes a debt to descendants of enslaved people and to taxpayers whose money was used to compensate slave traders and owners.


Death and 'spy' pigeons in Indian-administered Kashmir

Even ordinary things like funerals and pigeons have become political in Kashmir, where ongoing conflict disrupts normal life.