Zeynep Zileli

Zeynep Zileli

Zeynep Zileli is a freelance writer, translator and independent filmmaker. She was born in Turkey, has lived in six countries and is currently living ... in Brazil. She has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Sussex University and a Master degree in Cinema Studies from New York University. She has worked with award winning director Kutlug Ataman and has held TV positions in several countries, including Granada TV, and Fox International Channels. She is the co-founder and director of the Istanbul office of the advertising agency Torke and currently works with projects of innovation and creativity relating to Turkey, Brazil, Portugal and the United States. She speaks English, Turkish and Portuguese.


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In­no­va­tion has trans­formed into a cul­tur­al nar­ra­tive with mass fol­low­ing, but to what end? Asks au­thor.

opinion by Zeynep Zileli
Published On 2 Nov 2013