Yvonne Ndege

Yvonne Ndege

"Yvonne Ndege is Al Jazeera’s West Africa correspondent based in Abuja, Nigeria. She spent 10 years at the BBC before joining Al Jazeera. Yvonne was ... a co-recipient of a United Nations award for journalism in 2010."


Guinea at a crossroad

People are patiently waiting for results from the first democratic parliamentary elections since its independence.

2 Oct 2013

An in-depth look at the shadowy group as violence continues to wrack the West African country’s northeast.

30 Sep 2013

Thousands of soldiers have been deployed in northern Nigeria, but many question whether peace will return to the region.

23 Jun 2013

Nigeria’s silent war

Humanitarian organisations and media remain restricted in areas where fighting takes place against Boko Haram.

3 Jun 2013