Wildlife Warzone

Wildlife Warzone


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Things turn dan­ger­ous for two rangers as they en­counter armed poach­ers who are de­ter­mined to put up a fight.

Published On 12 Nov 2013

The rangers learn a valu­able les­son – sur­vival is about be­ing able to rely on your team­mates.

Published On 29 Oct 2013

As the train­ing gets tougher some fall out, but those that re­main form valu­able bonds.

Published On 15 Oct 2013

The trainee rangers be­gin a course that will push them to the lim­its and equip them with the skills to take on poach­ers.

Published On 8 Oct 2013

In the bat­tle be­tween rangers and wildlife poach­ers hu­mans and an­i­mals are suf­fer­ing, with ca­su­al­ties on both sides.

Published On 7 Oct 2013