Wadah Khanfar

Wadah Khanfar


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In TED’s first talk of 2011, Al Jazeera’s di­rec­tor-gen­er­al shares his view on the up­ris­ings sweep­ing the re­gion.

Opinion by Wadah Khanfar
Published On 7 Mar 2011

Al Jazeera’s di­rec­tor-gen­er­al says ca­bles ques­tion­ing the chan­nel’s in­de­pen­dence must be chal­lenged.

Opinion by Wadah Khanfar
Published On 11 Dec 2010
Al Jazeera

Wadah Khan­far, the net­work di­rec­tor-gen­er­al, re­flects on a decade of ground-break­ing jour­nal­ism and the val­ues that con­tin­ue to in­form Al Jazeera’s work as it ex­pands into the fu­ture.

Published On 31 Oct 2006