Umika Pidaparthy

Umika Pidaparthy

Umika Pidaparthy is an online producer with Al Jazeera English, currently on the Central and South Asia desk. She has covered stories in India, recent... ly on the 2014 elections from the southern state Andhra Pradesh, and in North America. She focuses on technology, science, popular culture and off-beat stories. Follow @UmikaP //


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Six-months lat­er, sur­vivors are strug­gling to re­build amid a lack of promised gov­ern­ment com­pen­sa­tion.

Published On 22 Apr 2015

Al Jazeera looks at past achieve­ments of In­di­an space agency ISRO which is be­ing hailed for suc­cess­ful Mars mis­sion.

Published On 24 Sep 2014

A new book looks at Hi­malayan na­tion’s decades of po­lit­i­cal change and dif­fi­cult tran­si­tion from monar­chy to democ­ra­cy.

Published On 20 Jul 2014

Shar­ing re­sources be­tween Telan­gana and par­ent state of Andhra Pradesh be­comes sore point as bi­fur­ca­tion is com­plet­ed.

Published On 2 Jun 2014

Peo­ple in soon-to-be-di­vid­ed Andhra Pradesh state, an­gry at bi­fur­ca­tion, look for­ward to a bet­ter fu­ture.

Published On 7 May 2014