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Tom Stevenson


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Satel­lite im­ages show de­tails of a re­cent as­sault on the town of Abu Zabad.

Published On 2 Dec 2013

Kenya project could of­fer South Su­dan an out­let for oil ex­ports but leave Khar­toum out in the cold.

Published On 13 Oct 2013

Pres­i­dent Omar al-Bashir bowed to IMF aus­ter­i­ty de­mands, and calls are now grow­ing for his de­par­ture.

Published On 29 Sep 2013

Trade unions, rep­re­sent­ing about 30 per­cent of the labour force, have been protest­ing against the rul­ing En­na­ha­da par­ty.

Published On 15 Feb 2013

Lo­cal Sahraw­is com­plain of abus­es and say in­ter­na­tion­al com­mu­ni­ty has ig­nored their plight un­der Mo­roc­can rule.

Published On 10 Jan 2013