The Fabulous Picture Show

The Fabulous Picture Show


In search of their roots a pair of siblings travel to an unnamed, sectarian-violence-ridden Middle Eastern country.

25 Jun 2014

A look at post-war Palestine and Israeli independence through the eyes of a British soldier serving in the territory.

A fast-paced gangster movie that gives a unique insight into Kinshasa’s ruthless criminal underworld.

One politician’s attempt to solve the problem of a dwindling population in rural Slovakia by playing cupid.

How the art of negotiation defuses confrontation on the streets of Chicago.

Eric Khoo joins Amanda Palmer to talk about his animated feature based on one of Japan’s most important manga artists.

The voice of a continent – Miriam Makeba’s story as a political activist and legendary performer.

A story about how Russia’s richest man ended up in a Siberian prison following his fierce rivalry with Vladimir Putin.

A story about a migrant community in an increasingly globalised world.