Tarak Barkawi

Tarak Barkawi

Tarak Barkawi is associate professor in the Department of Politics, New School for Social Research. He earned his doctorate at the University of Minne... sota and specialises in the study of war, armed forces and society with a focus on conflict between the West and the global South. He has written on colonial armies, "small wars" and imperial warfare, the Cold War in the Third World, and on counterinsurgency and the War on Terror. More generally, he is interested in the place of armed force in histories and theories of globalisation, modernisation and imperialism, especially from a postcolonial perspective.


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Av­enues and ac­tions for glob­al eco­nom­ic re­form are more like­ly to orig­i­nate from the ‘Glob­al South’ than the ‘West’.

Opinion by Tarak Barkawi
Published On 12 Oct 2013
Members of the National Union of Mineworkers take part in a strike in Johannesburg

The lat­est pos­tur­ing by West­ern coun­tries shows both their hypocrisy and their pow­er­less­ness.

Opinion by Tarak Barkawi
Published On 30 Aug 2013
View through night-vision lenses of Tomahawk cruise missiles being fired in the Mediterranean Sea

Is the NSA tap­ping the in­ter­net es­sen­tial to keep­ing up with US ri­vals and en­e­mies?

Opinion by Tarak Barkawi
Published On 8 Jul 2013

The North Ko­re­an bomb may be an un­com­fort­able fact of life, but so too is the US bomb, notes Barakawi.

Opinion by Tarak Barkawi
Published On 17 Apr 2013
Nuke Free World, U.S. Air Force B-52 bomber drops conventional weapons