Sue Turton

Sue Turton

Sue Turton is an Al Jazeera correspondent who has covered Afghanistan, Libya and Syria extensively for the network.


Kurdish Peshmerga troops say that it’s time for the world to realise that they can’t fight the armed group alone.

24 Nov 2014

Where is aid really going?

For all the million-dollar pledges, the chance of aid reaching some of the most in need is very slim.

31 Jan 2013

Leaving Syria with a promise

Getting medical aid to Syria is not a political decision – it is a humanitarian responsibility.

13 Sep 2012

Life in the small, northwest Syrian town of Salma has become hell, says one paediatrician, who has decided to stay.

3 Sep 2012

Syria’s desire for revenge

Desire for revenge against state’s symbols of oppression are evident in areas where Free Syrian Army has won control.

3 Sep 2012