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As cli­mate talks ap­proach, a new re­port finds most fos­sil fu­els must stay in the ground to pre­vent dan­ger­ous warm­ing.

Published On 18 Nov 2012
Hurricane Sandy aftermath in New York

Over­pop­u­la­tion is caus­ing huge loss­es in bio­di­ver­si­ty, and ‘pro­tect­ed ar­eas’ such as na­tion­al parks aren’t work­ing.

Published On 3 Aug 2011
Coral in Mexico

Japan’s earth­quake caused a nu­clear cri­sis which could be re­peat­ed in oth­er coun­tries if pre­cau­tions aren’t tak­en.

Published On 23 Mar 2011
Japan tsunami aftermath

For the first time, African farm­ers are be­ing con­sult­ed to help solve one of the con­ti­nent’s great­est con­cerns.

Published On 17 Oct 2010
Africa Food