Srećko Horvat

Srećko Horvat

Srećko Horvat is a philosopher from Croatia. His latest books include "After the Apocalypse" and "Poetry from the Future". He features in Al Jazeera's... documentary film "Europe's Forbidden Colony".


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Hungary’s increasingly extreme reaction to the EU migrant crisis is stoking fears of an emerging dictatorship.

Opinion by Srećko Horvat
Published On 23 Jun 2015
Migrants lying under a bridge on a bank of the river Sava in Belgrade, as they rest on their way to the Hungarian-Serbian border [AFP]

Greek finance minister’s gesture was taken out of context but the finger was pointed in the right direction.

Opinion by Srećko Horvat and Slavoj Zizek
Published On 18 Mar 2015
yanis varoufakis finger / screen grab from youtube video

The Bosnian protests reflect socio-political dynamics that are going on not only in the Balkans but the whole of Europe.

Opinion by Srećko Horvat
Published On 12 Feb 2014