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Tunisia is not out of the woods yet – its de­mo­c­ra­t­ic process is still un­der im­mense pres­sure.

opinion by Soumaya Ghannoushi
Published On 24 Oct 2014

The re­silience of the Libyan regime is cre­at­ing a false sense of se­cu­ri­ty among oth­er Arab despots, an­a­lyst ar­gues.

opinion by Soumaya Ghannoushi
Published On 4 Apr 2011

The Is­raeli as­sault on Lebanon has poignant­ly brought two truths home: that some Arab states are un­able to re­spond to ever- mount­ing ex­ter­nal threats, and that the bur­den of home­land pro­tec­tion is in­creas­ing­ly shift­ing from the stan­dard po­lit­i­cal or­der to non-state ac­tors.

Published On 26 Sep 2006

The G8 con­vened just as Is­rael’s tanks pound­ed Pales­tin­ian towns, vil­lages and refugee camps, while a few miles away its war­planes set Lebanon’s skies ablaze, turn­ing its nights into an in­fer­no of bombs, death and mis­ery.

Published On 2 Aug 2006