Soraya Lennie

Soraya Lennie


Being better off in the impoverished country means more deadly attacks by attention-seeking Taliban.

25 Dec 2014

Simin Behbahani, whose poetry was quoted by Barack Obama, has died aged 87. But her work lives on.

25 Oct 2014

A year after Iran’s president first introduced himself to the world, his UN speech this time had greater urgency.

19 Oct 2014

Borders between Syria and Iraq are already falling and ISIL is establishing its new ‘state’ on Iran’s doorstep.

27 Jun 2014

Meet Ebrahim Asgharzadeh, a key player in the US hostage crisis which shook international relations for decades.

11 Feb 2014

A deal with the West on nuclear enrichment has given hope to many Iranians struggling under sanctions.

27 Dec 2013

Thirty-four years after siege of US embassy in Tehran, there is still seething anger towards the United States.

23 Nov 2013

A different foreign policy approach will be a welcome relief to many Iranians, tired of being an international pariah.

15 Oct 2013