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Health char­i­ties cham­pi­on the levy in fight against obe­si­ty, but crit­ics say mea­sure would un­fair­ly tax con­sumer choice.

Published On 2 Feb 2013
File photo of bottles of Coca-Cola are seen in a warehouse at the Swire Coca-Cola facility in Draper

The po­si­tions of key coun­tries and po­lit­i­cal blocs on cli­mate change mea­sures be­fore the COP18 in Qatar.

Published On 18 Nov 2012
Politics of Climage Change - Big Main Image

A look at the po­si­tions tak­en by the US pres­i­den­tial can­di­dates on a range of is­sues at the fore­front of 2012 elec­tion.

Published On 6 Nov 2012
In Profile: 100 Years In US Presidential Races

What are the reper­cus­sions of this far-right par­ty gain­ing sev­er­al par­lia­men­tary seats in the coun­try’s elec­tion?

Published On 7 May 2012
Members of the Greek extreme right Golden Dawn party hold red flares outside the town hall of Perama town

De­spite low ap­proval rat­ings dur­ing his first term, ‘Pres­i­dent Bling-Bling’ is not yet out of the race.

Published On 5 May 2012
Nicolas Sarkozy campaigns for 2012 Presidential Elections in France