Sherine Tadros

Sherine Tadros


As I was crashing to make the deadline for my elections piece on the first day of voting, I trawled through the raw pictures the cameraman had collected from various polling stations looking for that classic woman-holding-up-purple-finger-and-smiling shot. I didn’t find it. There were lots

17 Jun 2012

The Arab world’s first televised Presidential debate took place on Thursday night in Cairo. The two frontrunners in the Presidential race battled it out for almost 5 hours on live television, but who won?

11 May 2012

Egypt’s uprising was about reclaiming dignity, but one year on, jobs are scarce, tourism is down, and parents still can’t put food on the table.

12 Jan 2012

On the eve of the second anniversary of Israel’s devastating “Operation Cast Lead” assault on Hamas-controlled Gaza Str

27 Dec 2010