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Al Jazeera speaks to four youth leaders across the ideological spectrum to hear their opinions on four burning issues.

Published On 6 May 2016
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Four Indian cities top the UN’s most-polluted list, shaving 3.2 years off of life expectancy.

Published On 5 Jun 2015

Ahead of World Malaria Day, doctors urge governments to find solutions to prevent infection and death.

Published On 23 Apr 2015
World Malaria Day

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, opponents say it threatens their values and traditions.

Published On 14 Feb 2015
Valentines in Pakistan

Nuclear deal could be a game-changer for US-India relations, but some question if Indians will ultimately pay the price.

Published On 26 Jan 2015
Barack Obama, Narendra Modi

Living in harmony abroad, expatriates may hold the key to ending long-standing animosity between the South Asian rivals.

Published On 8 Jan 2015

Long-standing dispute over Christian use of the word ‘Allah’ raises concerns about a very un-Merry Christmas.

Published On 24 Dec 2014