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Riz Khan


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Some of our favourite co­me­di­ans give a light-heart­ed per­spec­tive on cur­rent af­fairs since Al Jazeera Eng­lish’s launch.

Published On 29 Apr 2011
2010 Doha Tribeca Film Festival - Day 2 - Ahmed Ahmed - Riz Khan final episode

For many Arabs, the rev­o­lu­tion may have only just be­gun. But for Cubans, is it the end of the rev­o­lu­tion­ary era?

Published On 20 Apr 2011
Fidel Castro (L) and Raul Castro

How close is Chi­na to re­plac­ing the US as the next “su­per­pow­er”?

Published On 13 Apr 2011
China-US flags