Risking It All

Risking It All


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risking it all - congolese trucking trials

Congolese drivers navigate trucks laden with goods and passengers through mud and jungles for hundreds of kilometres.

Published On 6 Mar 2016
Risking it all - Colombia

Colombian pilots brave one of the world’s most perilous air routes to deliver supplies to villagers deep in the Amazon.

Published On 29 Jul 2015
risking it all - brazil river traders

There is a unique and dangerous commerce system at work in Amazonia, where children risk their lives for a few pennies.

Published On 27 Jul 2015
Across Mexico: Chasing an impossible dream - epic

Latin American migrants risk life and limb to reach the US border in search of the American dream.

Published On 14 Mar 2012
risking it all - bolivia coca farmers

Bolivia’s coca farmers make a living criss-crossing deep valleys on a web of makeshift cables high above forest canopy.

Published On 22 Feb 2012
Risking it all - Pakistani truckers'' perilous journey

Meet the men who navigate arguably the world’s most dangerous road in order to ferry goods to remote mountain villages.

Published On 15 Feb 2012