Richard Munang

Richard Munang

Dr. Richard Munang is the United Nations Environment Africa Regional Climate Change Programme Coordinator. He is responsible for guiding the optimal a... ctualisation of UN Environment’s climate resilient development objectives for Africa through coordinating implementation of diverse projects in adaptation and mitigation in key economic sectors especially agriculture, and energy as well as informing strategy and policy development from project lessons. Dr. Munang holds a PhD in Environmental Change & Policy from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. He has participated in a wide variety of research projects and has published over 300 articles in international peer reviewed journals and magazines.  


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Africa needs financing for development projects that will operationalise the development strategies.

Opinion by Richard Munang and Robert Mgendi
Published On 21 Feb 2015
A shop built from planks, where carpentry hardware is sold, is seen at Okobaba sawmill at the edge of the Lagos Lagoon

New studies point to extreme environmental disruptions in store for Africa, prompting leaders to seek regional remedies.

Opinion by Richard Munang
Published On 29 Oct 2013