Rajeshree Sisodia

Rajeshree Sisodia


Three-month-old Kheyamadin is a docile baby. Lying cocooned in the traditional Afghan Turkmen bright hues of tight silk swaddling clothes, he rarely cries. But the reason for his calm demeanour is not a pacifier, toy or milk – it is opium. 

2 Sep 2006

After living in Afghanistan for more than two centuries, economic hardship is pushing many in the country’s dwindling Sikh community to emigrate to India, their spiritual homeland.

9 Jul 2006

With a pink and black shawl draped over a heavily made-up face and wearing jeans and tennis shoes, Diana Azimi is the epitome of the new Afghanistan.

17 May 2006

Ali Mohaqiq Nasab, a magazine editor, understands the heavy price to be paid in Afghanistan for pushing the blurred boundaries of press freedom.

25 Apr 2006