Prerna Suri

Prerna Suri

Prerna Suri, Al Jazeera's correspondent based out of New Delhi, reports from India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. In her role, she’s covered the 2009 Indian pa... rliamentary elections; floods in Southern and Central India; tensions between India and Pakistan; and various development and human rights issues from the most under-reported parts of the country. In Nepal, she's covered the 2010 elections while in Sri Lanka, she has regularly reported on the post-conflict situation and the 2011 floods. Before joining Al Jazeera English, Prerna worked as a senior correspondent and presenter for India’s national news network NDTV.  During her time there, she was the first Indian broadcast journalist to report from Darfur and Tibet.


Muslims and Bodos displaced by violence give horrific accounts of how two groups fought, maimed and killed each other.

31 Jul 2012

As tourists begin to return to the embattled region, the Jamaat-I-Islami group asks visitors to wear modest attire.

19 Jul 2012

The Indian government’s response to a slowing economy has drawn the anger of citizens and brought them out on to the streets.

14 Jun 2012

With pilots still on strike and so sign of a breakthrough in their talks with management, passengers are finding themselves stranded at airports across the country.

15 May 2012

Opening the Wagah border

A typical day at the Wagah border, usually ends with a show of muscle. Giant, hulking soldiers stride defiantly on the ceremonial border separating India from Pakistan.

13 Apr 2012

Neither here, nor there

As the leaders of India and Bangladesh meet to discuss issues of trade, security and land recognition, the 3 million illegal Bangladeshi workers in India just want to be officially recognised by their countries.

6 Sep 2011

What next for India?

Activist Anna Hazare has ended his hunger strike that forced Indian authorities to consider a tougher anti-corruption bill, but is this real victory?

28 Aug 2011