Preethi Nallu

Preethi Nallu

Preethi Nallu is a multimedia journalist and the founding editor of Refugees Deeply. Born in Iran and raised in India, she has covered global displace... ment and migration for news outlets, think tanks and the UN for the past decade.


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ISIL killed 14-year-old Khudai’s father. Now the survival of his five younger sisters and mother depends on him.

Published On 1 Feb 2018
Growing up too fast in Afghanistan 1

Greece’s new left-wing government wants to abolish detention centres for migrants who entered illegally.

Published On 5 Mar 2015
Greece immigration

In southern Europe, popular opposition has been mounting against the fiscal austerity measures demanded by Germany.

Published On 7 Feb 2015
Italian Prime Minister Renzi talks during a news conference with his Greek counterpart Alexis Tsipras at Chigi palace in Rome

Record numbers of migrants have made harrowing sea journeys to Italy and Greece this year.

Published On 28 Aug 2014