Peter Greste

Peter Greste

Peter Greste left his native Australia in 1991, to pursue his dream of becoming a foreign correspondent. Since then, he has covered Afghanistan and Ce... ntral Asia, the Balkans, Iraq, Latin America and now Africa where he has lived for the past nine years. In 2011, he won a prestigious Peabody Award for a documentary on Somalia - a place that has become a major focus of his work since moving to East Africa. The region he covers includes the Horn of Africa (Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia and South Sudan); Kenya and Tanzania; and the Great Lakes states (Uganda, Bururndi, Rwanda and the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo). 


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A let­ter from Tora prison

“How do you ac­cu­rate­ly and fair­ly re­port on Egypt’s on­go­ing po­lit­i­cal strug­gle with­out talk­ing to every­one in­volved?”

Published On 5 Mar 2014

Al Jazeera’s Pe­ter Greste writes sec­ond let­ter from Egypt’s Tora Prison, where he is be­ing held with­out charge.

Published On 9 Feb 2014

Keny­at­ta’s promise

As Kenya cel­e­brates 50 years of in­de­pen­dence, has the coun­try has live up to the promis­es of its found­ing fa­ther?

Published On 29 Jan 2014

In­ter­pret­ing con­flict as mere­ly eth­nic is not only su­per­fi­cial but also dan­ger­ous if it dri­ves pol­i­cy and peace deals.

Published On 13 Jan 2014

In a sym­bol­ic ref­er­en­dum, 99.9 per­cent of vot­ers in the dis­put­ed re­gion of Abyei favour join­ing South Su­dan over Su­dan.

Published On 2 Dec 2013

Al-Shabab 2.0

Kenya and So­ma­lia face chal­lenge of fig­ur­ing out how to de­feat an or­gan­i­sa­tion in “an in­tel­li­gence war”.

Published On 10 Nov 2013

There is a grow­ing view from Nairo­bi that al-Shabab’s West­gate Mall at­tack was an act of des­per­a­tion

Published On 6 Nov 2013

Vi­o­lence stem­ming from ri­val­ry be­tween Murle and Lou Nuer tribes has sent at least 100,000 peo­ple flee­ing their homes.

Published On 4 Aug 2013