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Mon­go­lia’s cap­i­tal is one of the cold­est in the world, as well as be­ing among the most pol­lut­ed in win­ter. More than half the res­i­dents liv­ing in Ulaan­baatar’s sub­urbs burn coal to keep warm.

Published On 3 Apr 2017

The two-humped Bac­tri­an camel helped peo­ple set­tle and adapt to life in the Gobi desert of Mon­go­lia, but their num­bers have rapid­ly de­creased in the past few decades.

Published On 20 Mar 2017

A rare species of wild an­te­lope in Mon­go­lia is fac­ing ex­tinc­tion be­cause of a high­ly con­ta­gious dis­ease. Al­most 4,000 saiga have al­ready died and sci­en­tists ex­pect the to­tal to reach 10,000 with­in the next two months.

Published On 14 Mar 2017