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Nyssa Skilton


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Moth­ers and ba­bies mi­grat­ing il­le­gal­ly to Aus­tralia are be­ing de­prived of prop­er med­ical care, re­port claims.

Published On 8 Jan 2014

As PM Kevin Rudd and ri­val Tony Ab­bott near cam­paign fi­nale, Al Jazeera talks to vot­ers in key elec­toral bat­tle­grounds.

Published On 6 Sep 2013
Burning poll issues

For­mer de­tainees tell of last­ing dam­age from im­mi­gra­tion de­ten­tion, as re­port shows in­crease in men­tal ill­ness.

Published On 4 Sep 2013
No refuge from trauma in Australia