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Gov­ern­ment forces ap­pear de­ter­mined to re­gain con­trol of op­po­si­tion-held ar­eas in restive Syr­i­an city.

Published On 11 Feb 2012

Com­mu­ni­ties are di­vid­ed, with Alaw­ite and Sun­ni vil­lages each blam­ing the oth­er for ris­ing sec­tar­i­an­ism.

Published On 26 Oct 2011
defections in syrian army

A jour­ney through Syr­ia re­veals deep-seat­ed fears and prej­u­dices held be­tween Alaw­ite and Sun­ni com­mu­ni­ties.

Published On 24 Oct 2011
Syrians rally against President Bashar al-Assad

Grand Mufti Has­soun, whose 22-year-old son was re­cent­ly as­sas­si­nat­ed in Syr­ia, is a sup­port­er of Bashar al-As­sad.

Published On 3 Oct 2011
grand mufti hassoun

Pro­test­ers were hop­ing Ra­madan would prove a turn­ing point, yet the pow­er­ful regime man­aged to quash most dis­sent.

Published On 2 Oct 2011
assad targets mosques syria

Crit­i­cism of the As­sad regime spreads wider, as fam­i­lies grieve for pro­test­ers who have been killed in the crack­down.

Published On 30 Sep 2011
Syria pro Assad protest in Damascus

Op­po­si­tion to the Syr­i­an regime runs deep, as women, chil­dren, and the el­der­ly take part in the re­sis­tance.

Published On 30 Sep 2011
Large demonstration in Syria