Nir Rosen

Nir Rosen


Government forces appear determined to regain control of opposition-held areas in restive Syrian city.

11 Feb 2012

Communities are divided, with Alawite and Sunni villages each blaming the other for rising sectarianism.

26 Oct 2011

A journey through Syria reveals deep-seated fears and prejudices held between Alawite and Sunni communities.

24 Oct 2011

Grand Mufti Hassoun, whose 22-year-old son was recently assassinated in Syria, is a supporter of Bashar al-Assad.

3 Oct 2011

Protesters were hoping Ramadan would prove a turning point, yet the powerful regime managed to quash most dissent.

2 Oct 2011

Criticism of the Assad regime spreads wider, as families grieve for protesters who have been killed in the crackdown.

30 Sep 2011

Opposition to the Syrian regime runs deep, as women, children, and the elderly take part in the resistance.

30 Sep 2011