Nick Spicer

Nick Spicer

Nick Spicer is a Canadian who has lived in European capitals for some 20 years. Currently, he is Al Jazeera’s Berlin Correspondent. Nick has nearly ... two decades of reporting experience with National Public Radio, CBC Television and Radio, The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Christian Science Monitor, and other publications.  He also covered conflicts in Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Chechnya. Before moving to Berlin for Al Jazeera,  Nick worked as a correspondent in Washington, covering notably the election of Barack Obama. Nick holds a degree in International Relations from SciencesPo University in Paris, and a degree in English literature from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.


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For­mer Bosn­ian-Serb pres­i­dent, stand­ing tri­al in The Hague, presents him­self as a man of med­i­cine and peace.

Published On 27 Oct 2012

Ro-Ro Yoyo of the Euro

Why don’t we ques­tion the mar­kets? Ac­cord­ing to the world’s com­men­tari­at, the euro should be dead al­ready.

Published On 7 Aug 2012

Al Jazeera’s Nick Spicer re­ports on a change in ap­proach in Oba­ma’s Afghanistan pol­i­cy.

Published On 15 Nov 2009
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