Nazanine Moshiri

Nazanine Moshiri

"Nazanine Moshiri, a roving correspondent based in Tunis, regularly reports from across Africa. Moshiri has covered some of Al Jazeera English's bigg... est news stories, including the Tunisian uprising in 2011, and conflicts ranging from the DRC to Ukraine. She has also spent a substantial amount of time reporting from the Central African Republic."


Is tourism to Tunisia dead?

Country’s most important industry under severe threat after deadly attack at museum in Tunis that has rocked the nation.

20 Mar 2015

Deadly Bardo museum attack has spread shock waves in country largely sheltered from unrest that hit Arab Spring nations.

19 Mar 2015

Tunisia, the middle ground

Tunis’ neutral role in Libya becoming increasingly difficult as country finds stockpiles of weapons in a border town.

10 Mar 2015

Tunisia’s tycoon kingmaker

A relative newcomer to politics, wealthy businessman Slim Riahi is expected to do well in Sunday’s presidential poll.

1 Jan 2015