Moh Sayed Madadi

Moh Sayed Madadi

Moh Sayed Madadi is an alumnus of the American University of Afghanistan, now a graduate student at Stanford University's Ford Dorsey Program in Inter... national Policy Studies. He was previously a Fulbright Graduate Scholar at New York University and a Hurford Fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy.


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Aid work­ers fear long-term im­pact of vi­o­lent trau­ma on young boys re­cruit­ed as com­bat­ants by both sides in Afghanistan.

Published On 4 Sep 2014

Af­ter al­le­ga­tions of wide­spread fraud, Afghan runoff poll has split emerg­ing frag­ile democ­ra­cy be­tween two con­tenders.

Published On 1 Jul 2014

Politi­cians are putting aside an­cient ri­val­ries to form po­lit­i­cal teams that re­flect the coun­try’s di­ver­si­ty.

Published On 13 Jun 2014