May Ying Welsh

May Ying Welsh


Al-Qaeda gets the most attention, but local groups and ethnic fighters are part of a complicated mix of instability.

17 Jan 2013

Amid desertification and drought, tensions rise as rival armed groups vie for control of the impoverished region.

8 Jul 2012

55 years ago today, the Republic of Sudan became a nation, an anniversary likely to be its last.

1 Jan 2011

In the main square of Baghdad’s largest Shia ghetto, an elderly man in the worn uniform of the former Iraqi air force directs donkey and car traffic with a ping-pong paddle.

27 Apr 2004

In the crowded and winding streets of al-Adhamiya, a 1000-year-old Sunni locality of Baghdad, explosions from mortars and grenades and long volleys of machine gun fire break out every half hour.

14 Apr 2004