Matthew Cassel

Matthew Cassel

Matthew Cassel is a multimedia journalist with Al Jazeera English. Follow @justimage //


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Muslims in the UK say they are unfairly targeted by programme asking medical workers to identify potential ‘terrorists’.

Published On 10 Apr 2014

Matthew Cassel embarks on a personal journey to discover if it is possible to be both Jewish and a critic of Israel.

Published On 15 Dec 2013

Political cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro talks about being a thorn in the side of his country’s ruling elite.

Published On 8 Dec 2013

The late South African photojournalist documented the anti-apartheid struggle and figures like Mandela.

Published On 7 Dec 2013

George Bizos, attorney and friend of Mandela, used the courtroom as a battlefield during anti-apartheid struggle.

Published On 6 Dec 2013