Manuela Picq

Manuela Picq

Manuela Picq is a visiting associate professor in Political Science at Amherst College. Picq is the author of Vernacular Sovereignties: Indigenous Wom... en Challenging International Relations.


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A preventable oil spill in Ecuador’s Amazon region in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic puts Indigenous lives at risk.

Opinion by Manuela Picq and Eduardo Kohn
Published On 14 Jul 2020
Oil spill ecuador OP-ed photo

A heavily contested bi-annual event is showcasing the creative talent that exits throughout Latin America: POY Latam.

Opinion by Manuela Picq
Published On 30 Mar 2013
Photo of the Year 2011 Latin America

Rather than repudiating the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, it should be recognised as valuable tool.

Opinion by Manuela Picq
Published On 23 Mar 2013
Organization of American States (OAS) Jo

With the death of Chavez, a controversial, “polarising era” – that changed the political landscape – comes to an end.

Opinion by Manuela Picq
Published On 7 Mar 2013
Venezuela - Chavez