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From Sowe­to to Lon­don, young de­vel­op­ers around the world are work­ing on ap­pli­ca­tions for so­cial good.

Published On 25 Dec 2013

Can a Namib­ian tech en­tre­pre­neur en­hance the lives of no­madic Him­ba peo­ple through his app?

Published On 18 Dec 2013

Will a soft­ware de­sign­er be able to cre­ate an app that can trans­form the lives of mil­lions of In­dia’s poor­est farm­ers?

Published On 11 Dec 2013

Can a Brazil­ian dig­i­tal de­sign stu­dent de­vel­op an app that could ben­e­fit those liv­ing in some of Rio’s largest fave­las?

Published On 4 Dec 2013

Can a Nairo­bi-based soft­ware de­vel­op­er cre­ate a mo­bile phone app to help Kenya’s hard-pressed sub­sis­tence farm­ers?

Published On 27 Nov 2013