Lameck Masina

Lameck Masina


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Ques­tions of colo­nial­ism af­ter Malawi opts for Eng­lish as medi­um of in­struc­tion in schools rather than lo­cal lan­guages.

Published On 21 Aug 2014

In­cum­bent Joyce Ban­da has a nar­row lead, but any­thing is pos­si­ble in Malawi’s May 20 elec­tions.

Published On 22 Apr 2014

Vig­i­lantes say a scle­rot­ic jus­tice sys­tem has forced them to take mat­ters into their own hands.

Published On 20 Feb 2014

The largest fi­nan­cial scan­dal to hit Malawi has rocked do­mes­tic and in­ter­na­tion­al con­fi­dence.

Published On 9 Feb 2014