Kristina Jovanovski

Kristina Jovanovski


Thousands of traumatised people have fled shelling in Debaltseve as warring sides battle for another key city.

8 Feb 2015

Pro-Russia leaders’ election in Ukraine’s east shows bloody conflict is far from a peaceful resolution.

3 Nov 2014

Frustration grows in Kiev as pledges to end corruption and abuse of power stagnate after Maidan Square protest.

22 Aug 2014

Hungary has increasingly courted and won favour with Russia, while rejecting the core values of the European Union.

18 Aug 2014

An editor’s firing and NGO raids cited as evidence that government wants to repress criticism.

13 Jun 2014

Workers and business owners in Ukraine feel the heat of recent turmoil as prices rise and capital flight intensifies.

6 May 2014

Pro-Russian activists in the village of Andriyivka blame Kiev and its western backers for recent violence.

3 May 2014

The newly formed Hungarian Gypsy Party aims to mobilise support from the poor going into Sunday’s election.

6 Apr 2014