Kristina Jovanovski

Kristina Jovanovski


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Thou­sands of trau­ma­tised peo­ple have fled shelling in De­balt­seve as war­ring sides bat­tle for an­oth­er key city.

Published On 8 Feb 2015
Ukraine crisis

Pro-Rus­sia lead­ers’ elec­tion in Ukraine’s east shows bloody con­flict is far from a peace­ful res­o­lu­tion.

Published On 3 Nov 2014

Frus­tra­tion grows in Kiev as pledges to end cor­rup­tion and abuse of pow­er stag­nate af­ter Maid­an Square protest.

Published On 22 Aug 2014

Hun­gary has in­creas­ing­ly court­ed and won favour with Rus­sia, while re­ject­ing the core val­ues of the Eu­ro­pean Union.

Published On 18 Aug 2014

An ed­i­tor’s fir­ing and NGO raids cit­ed as ev­i­dence that gov­ern­ment wants to re­press crit­i­cism.

Published On 13 Jun 2014

Work­ers and busi­ness own­ers in Ukraine feel the heat of re­cent tur­moil as prices rise and cap­i­tal flight in­ten­si­fies.

Published On 6 May 2014

Pro-Russ­ian ac­tivists in the vil­lage of An­driyiv­ka blame Kiev and its west­ern back­ers for re­cent vi­o­lence.

Published On 3 May 2014

The new­ly formed Hun­gar­i­an Gyp­sy Par­ty aims to mo­bilise sup­port from the poor go­ing into Sun­day’s elec­tion.

Published On 6 Apr 2014