Korto Reeves Williams

Korto Reeves Williams

Korto Reeves Williams is a Liberian feminist and a strategic civil society leader in Liberia and the sub-region. A major contributor to shaping politi... cal discourse on women’s rights and feminism, she serves on the board of Urgent Action Fund (Africa) and is a member of the Liberia Feminist Forum and the African Feminist Forum. Ms. Williams has more than 15 years of development experience in Liberia as well as short-term experiences in international development across Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. Her academic research on feminism and women leadership in Liberia, Beyond Mass Action: A Study Of Collective Organizing Among Liberian Women Using Feminist Movement Perspectives, has provided the opportunity to shift power and promote coalition building within women's networks in Liberia.


Is Liberia’s Sirleaf really standing up for women?

President Sirleaf’s promise to campaign for women candidates in Liberia’s upcoming elections comes too little, too late.

31 Aug 2017